Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NaNo Fail and Honest Scrap Award!

So I didn’t make NaNo’s goal of 50k. I managed 35,006. That’s an average of 1166 words a day, and in my opinion, not too shabby for my first attempt. I was never one to write daily. I power write on weekends, holidays and sick days, but to come home from work, boot up the computer and sit to write…that wasn’t something I could do. Even though I sit at work and write in my head, by the time I got home I was just too tired.

Or at least that’s what I told myself. When NaNo came along, and I decided to do it, I made myself go home from work, boot up that computer and sit to write. Instead of turning on the television, I turned on the CD player and I wrote. I didn’t do this every day, but I’d say 4 out of the 5 work days. I lost a weekend early in the month because of family visits and this past 4 day weekend was completely lost with all the baking and cooking and family.

So there you have it…my NaNo Fail…or maybe, my NaNo near success. Yeah, I like that better.

Now on to fun things…

Tricia over at Talespinning nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award! THANKS! The rules are that I must tell 10 honest things about me and then nominate 10 other bloggers. I’m only going to do 7 because I can only think of 7 honest things about me…so here goes:

1. Bunny rabbits and Hillbillies creep me out. A Hillbilly holding a bunny rabbit—forget about it!

2. I wrote my first novel when I was 19. Then went back and read it when I was 23 and cringed. It was so immature, but at 19 I hadn’t been in love, hadn’t had my heart broken, but by 23, life didn’t seem so rosy-lol.

3. I used to sneak my boyfriend into the basement when my mother was asleep and then take her car to drive him home…she never knew!

4. I had my first kiss when I was 12 by a boy named William Jeffreys. His voice hadn’t changed yet so it was still kinda high. When he called, my mother would think he was a girl and hand me the phone—I wasn’t allowed calls from boys until I was 15—but then my sister ratted me out. Then I had a “girl” friend who called and she had a deep voice, my mother would grill her every time, thinking she was a boy—LOL.

5. A boyfriend of mine bought a sex toy as a gag gift. Then his parents came over unannounced and saw it lying on the sofa. I have NEVER been so embarrassed!!!

6. When I was little, my grandmother used to make me put on her curly red wig and sing Tomorrow from Annie…This is my childhood trauma!

7. When I was a correctional officer, I saw more naked men then the law should allow…this is my adult trauma!

Here are the Seven Blogs I’ve recommended:

Karen Amanda Hooper
Amanda The Semi-Published
Caroline Starr Rose
Carrie Harris
Nicole Green
Stephanie Jenkins
Tere Kirkland

And thanks to all my new followers! Welcome to the family.


Sarah said...

Haha! I love the one about the boy your mom thought was a girl. And sisters...why do they ALWAYS rat you out?

Congrats on the award!

Linda Kage said...

1166 words a day doesn't sound shabby to me at all. Congrats on gettin so much done. And Congrats to all your scrappy winners! I loved your 7 things, Thanks for sharing.

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, thanks for sharing your trauma! And your award. Awesome!

Karen Denise said...

Sarah, my sister just apologized about that! LOL.

Thanks, Linda. I don't think 1166 words a day is too shabby either.

Tere, I'm glad my trauma can bring joy to others-lol.

Sharon Mayhew said...

Karen, have you seen Jill Corcoran's blog? She has a what she's looking for list on today's post. I thought you might want to look.

Karen Denise said...

Cool, thanks Sharon!

Sharon Mayhew said...

That's what blogging buddies are for. :)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thanks so much!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Ack! #6 & #7 are traumatic enuf for both of us! :-D

Karen Denise said...

Tell me about it, Tricia! I'm still waking up in a cold sweat-lol.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on your award - it looks you have a fantastic blog!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Karen! Thanks for the sweet comments, the award, and for finding me. I grew up in Perry Hall, so I know exactly where you are. Great to have another Karen in my writing world. ;)

Karen Denise said...

Yay for Karens! And thanks for being lovely number 40 follower!

Amanda The Semi-Published said...

LOL hillbillies and bunny rabbits!

Karen Denise said...

I know, Amanda...I'm all kinds of crazy.