Friday, May 21, 2010

Karen Rose

So as you all may know, my name is Karen Rose and there is also a well established author with the same name. As an aspiring writer, whenever I see one of her books in a store my first thought is, oooh, my name is on a book! My second thought is:

“John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
His name is my name too
Whenever we go out, the people always shout

That song has been in my freakin head all day! But it’s all good, because I’ve finally read one of Karen Rose’s books, Scream For Me, and it was very good!

I’m halfway through another of her books, I Can See You.

And I’m enjoying this one even more than the last. So Ms Rose is doing my name proud.

As much as I’d like to publish under my name, I’m fine using a pseudonym. If any of you like thrillers with lots of sexual tension that will leave you satisfied when it’s resolved, go check out Karen Rose’s books.

One day I’ll be saying that about my own book!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Kiss

Hi all! I know I've been silent for a spell, but all is well...hey, that rhymed. Still, I'm feeling good and that's the reason for my absence. I've had to catch up on lots of things. One of those things was coming up with a list of what I hope will become weekly posts. As I have family coming in this weekend, I'll be starting that on Monday...I hope.

But for today, I've submitted a first kiss scene to Miss Snark's First Victim's site. If you want to go check it out, go here. It's number 40 and from Platinum Diary and it's a rough draft so be kind...actually, tell the truth. I'm telling you all which one is mine because it's NOT a contest, just something the wonderful Authoress thought up and wanted to share. I love writing kissing scenes and at the same time, I hate it. I love when my characters get to the point where they can share a kiss, but I get so worked up about writing it. I know I'll change this scene at least two more times before I'm satisfied with it. All the same, I love reading kissing scenes, so let me know if you've submitted anything and I'll go check it out!