Thursday, October 8, 2009


I’ve had a nice run of requests for my novel Light Bringers and I’m totally appreciative of all the feedback, although I’ve only really had one agent actually spell out clear reasons why the story didn’t work for them and that was from the awesome Kate Testerman. While I didn’t agree with all of her comments and didn’t make all of the suggested changes, I knew exactly what didn’t work for her and why. Plus, her feedback helped to make Light Bringers better. (wish she would have asked for a revise and resub *pout-pout*)

Well, the rest of the feedback from other agents who have read my full manuscript has been less than helpful. And I’m not saying that in a whinny kind of way, I’m just saying I don’t really know what to do with their feedback.

One agent said that she found nothing really wrong with the story, it was just at the end of the day it didn’t resonate with her. That’s fine. It’s not going to resonate with everyone, but I can’t really take that and make my book better. Someone should totally market Resonating Dust. Just sprinkle it on your manuscript and it will guarantee to make it resonate with everyone who reads it!

*Don’t steal my idea. I’m totally thinking of marketing that!

Another agent said my conflict didn’t come in soon enough for her—that’s constructive and something I can fix, but then she said my main character was whinny and self-indulgent—not much I can do about that. Well, I could but I don’t wanna-lol.

Just had another request for a full from a pretty impressive house so I was on cloud nine when the request came only three hours after I sent the partial. I knew the response would be fast so I’m grateful for that.

He said he thought the premise was great and I had a good frame, but he had concerns about the writing, for example, he didn’t know why Heath needed to be British and what was the deal with me saying Ryan used fruity shampoo on his hair? Does he have an aversion to fruity shampoo or herbal?


Heath’s British because I want him to be and it’s MY NOVEL! One of my friends said that he was probably wondering if it will have some bearing on the story, does it move the plot along? Since when does someone’s nationality have to move the plot along? Maybe I’m mistaken, and if I am, please enlighten me, but I don’t see why my choice to have Heath be British should make a difference. I think it’s mentioned twice in the entire novel and shown through his speech. And Heath’s background as well as England will be featured in the third novel. Still, I have no idea what to do with that feedback.

As for the shampoo and Ryan’s “aversion” to the fruity scent, well, that scene was taking place in his mother’s house so he wasn’t pleased that the only shampoo available to him had a fruity scent. He’s a soldier, a macho type guy, and not too keen on showing up for work smelling like strawberries. Most guys would probably feel the same. I’m not sure what to do with that bit of info either.

I’ve just ordered Donald Maass’ book, Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, so I’m hopeful that the exercises will help me strengthen my novel, maybe even answer some of these unanswered questions I have about this feedback.

As I said, I’m not complaining. I just figured that sometimes when you talk things out with others going through the same thing, they may help you make sense of it, so…HELP!


Tere Kirkland said...

Hey, I hear ya! Kate had my partial and offered me some great feedback on it, too. I'll definitely query her with my next novel. She is one of the extremely helpful ones to us struggling writers, so I imagine her clients must love her.

LMK if you want another set of eyes on Light Bringers.

Oh, and check out the contest on my blog if you want to win a copy of "The Hollow".

Karen Denise said...

Yes, I know I'll send Kate my next novel too if I have to put Light Bringers to the side.
I'm going to your blog right now and I would LOVE another set of eyes on Light Bringers. Thanks a bunch!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Well, even though the feedback isn't always helpful, at least you're getting feedback and not just boiler plate rejections. That's something!

Karen Denise said...

Yes, I am pleased that I'm not just getting form letters on my fulls. I'm just trying to understand them more than anything.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Kate also read my partial and gave me some good feedback, as have several other agents. I too want to query her for WIP once it's done. Funny, your title seems familiar. Have you entered it in a Miss Snarky's First Victims Secret Agent contest?

Karen Denise said...

Hey Stina,

Kate's awesome and if I can't find an agent for Light Bringers then I'll certainly query her on my next novel, Platinum Diaries.

Yes, I did enter the SA contest and actually won. It didn't work out with the agent, but I love Authoress' blog and contests all the same.