Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching Fire and Liar

On my quest to read 100 books in 2009, I’ve just finished books number 60 and 61…or is it 61 and 62? No matter, I’ll get the final count later. My point is, I’ve just finished Suzanne Collins’s CATCHING FIRE and Justine Larbalestier’s LIAR.

Let’s start with CATCHING FIRE

I LOVED IT! I’ve read some reviews that say, “hey, we’ve seen this before in the first book”, but I don’t get that. Yes there was another game, but it was so much more in depth, so much more Katness, so much more Peeta, so much more big brother, mutated animals. I used to be tore between Peeta and Gale with Peeta getting a little more of the votes, but now I’m firmly on the side of Peeta. He is handsome, smart, and selfless and he just loves Katness so much. My heart is going to break if she ends up with Gale. But at the same time, I know Gale is a good guy and he really loves her. I think, because of the way the book ended—which I’m not going to say here—the third book is going to be a lot of Katness and Gale, which may make her pick him over Peeta. Granted, she may not go with either of them…I really hate that I’m going to have to wait a year to find out!

Now for LIAR

I’m still confused about this book. This is the first book I’ve read by Larbalestier and I know that I want to read others now. I really enjoyed her writing. It was crisp, clean and we stayed firmly in the main character’s head. The plot of the book is that Micah is a liar and I still don’t know what the truth of the story is. There was a plot point that really threw me and had me listening to the last ¾ of the book with a skeptical ear. Reading the reviews, some people were upset that Micah even lies to us, so we can’t trust the story at all. A part of me thinks this is brilliant on the part of Larbalestier, part of me just wants to know the real story, but I guess it’s fitting to have a liar have you guessing right up to the end.

Oh, btw, I love both of these covers!


Keren David said...

I agree Karen, I loved Catching Fire and it made me think again about Hunger Games. I think Gale or Peeta may die in the next book..

What did you think about the Liar cover controversy? Isn't it bizarre (and depressing) that the publishers originally put a white girl on the cover?

Karen Denise said...

Oh, Keren, I can’t even think about Peeta dying! I’d hate for Gale to die, but it wouldn’t kill me as much as Peeta. I really love him.

I thought Justine did a wonderful job defending her cover publicly. Not all authors would stand up and fight. It makes me wonder how many times this has happened that we haven't heard of. The girl on the cover now it just as I pictured Micah, but maybe with shorter hair. To me, the most frustrating part is the publishers excuse that they used the white girl on the cover because Micah is a liar and would lie about how she looks too…WTH? Are they kidding?

Keren David said...

She won't kill off Peeta, surely..but I fear for Gale! I love Peeta and I thought she developed his character beautifully in Catching Fire.
I haven't read Liar, but I too was amazed at the publisher's actions throughout. I'd almost think it was all done as a publicity stunt, except that it reflects so badly on them. Justine was in an impossible position, and good for her for speaking up, not easy.

Terah said...

Hi Karen Denise,

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Amna said...

Kill Of Peeta?! No, she can't! She Wont! No! I love Peeta too much!
I have't gotten round to reading Liar, but I am looking forward to it.

Solvang Sherrie said...

The day Catching Fire came out I bought the first copy from my local bookstore and spent the rest of the day reading. I am obsessed with Katniss, Peeta and Gale. Is it really a whole year until the next one comes out? *sigh* I know I'll be rereading both books looking for clues to the part of the saga...