Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Entourage

I love the show Entourage on HBO. So I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for people who wanted follow me around with no real goals. I can be the cash cow and in return, I can have people who will keep me company and do things for me…great life right? Well, I got some takers, friends and family, but it got me thinking.

First, I don’t really have any money to be the cash for anyone’s cow, and second, do writers really have entourages—well, do medical billers, aspiring to be writers have entourages?

Then, that brought about another question…are there any rock stars of writing? I know there are writers out there who I idolize, but rock stars? Thinking about the life of Michael Jackson, watching all of the video footage of people—nay, grown men—crying and fainting, I wondered why writers don’t garner that type of reaction.

Now, am I saying that I want to be a rock star of writing? I don’t think so, because even with all the accolades, the screaming fans, the buckets of money and yes, even the Entourage, there is a price to pay when you are the rock star of anything.

A loss of privacy, living under a microscope, and even falling victim to selling out (whatever that may mean for you), are all things I don’t want…well, maybe I’ll take the buckets of money. So even though I love Entourage, and would love to live out that show, when you think about it, where would my entourage follow me...to my dining room table where I set up my laptop to write? Sounds like just the stuff HBO is looking for!

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Kim Kasch said...

Rock star writers . . . a girl can dream.

Love that idea.