Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Musings

Sometimes I feel like I’ve queried every agent there is to query, so when I find a new one, (well, new to me) I’m nearly giddy with excitement!

I’ve recently found 3 new-to-me agents, and have already been rejected by one of them (lol-he’s super fast!), but I prefer knowing sooner than later.

I’ve been trying not to over-think my novel. Sometimes I hear agents say characters who are 18 are too old for YA, (which two of the four main characters in my book are, and the other two are 19 and 20). I’m fully aware that my novel can skirt the line of teen and adult fiction, but when I think of the body of work I plan to write, then I’ll fall on the side of a YA writer.

So when I hear stuff like 18 is too old for YA, I think, well, the very definition of Young Adult is a Young Adult, so why can’t it include characters who are 18-20. Not to mention, I think if you still have the word TEEN after your age, then you are still a TEEN and can therefore be considered part of the Young Adult genre! My book is relatable to people from the ages 14 and over. Does it have to be set in high school? Not every teen wants to read about high school angst. I have plenty of angst in my book, and plenty of UST. And honestly, I’m ranting a little, but I’ve never been rejected for this reason, so maybe it’s just the blurb I read that’s got me going. Sorry. J

On to other topics…I’m very interested to see who the new Secret Agent is on Authoress’s blog this month. I’m hoping that it’s someone I haven’t queried yet, because the genre is what I write and you know how I like to find new agents! I have a fear that even long after I’ve gotten an agent and a deal, I’ll still be Googling agents, looking for their genre and there submission guidlines…I can’t stop myself!

Anywho, I’ve been working on my SNI, wrote 2300 words on Sunday! It’s a Paranormal YA called Platinum Diaries about a girl who has psychic dreams. I’m still working out the opening, but right now I’m just letting it spill out of me.

I just finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I know I’m late. I usually am, but man, that was an awesome book! It was very hard to get through the beginning. It’s hard for me to see/hear/read about people being harmed for no other reason than the pleasure of someone else. I’ve never been harmed like that personally, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling it deeply. And boy did I feel it. The book haunted me the more I delved into it, the layers were so true and heavy and at the same time beautiful. I’m happy I read it. The moment I read that Peter Jackson was bringing it to the screen, I wanted to read it. Now I’m reading The Hunger Games…see, I’m late with everything. J

I know this post is all over the place, but I’m a bit of a scatter brain lately. I haven’t been sleeping too well and it didn’t help that some IDIOT called and R.S.V.P’d for my mother’s birthday party at 12:16 am!!!! OMG I was heated! I think the man (who was only invited because he’s a friend of my stepdad’s) had been drinking.
The conversation went like this:

Drunk man: Um…is this Karen?

Me: “Yes,” I say with a snap because I realize it’s actually someone calling to rsvp and not a wrong number or--thank God--someone telling me that someone in my family is hurt.

DM: “I got an invite, wanted to RSVP…were you sleep?”

Me: “Of course I was sleep!”

DM: “Oh, sorry, I just got home. Should I call again?”

Me: “No, don’t EVER call again. Are you coming or not?”

DM: “Oh yeah, I’ll be there.”

Me: “Bloody fantastic.” Click.

Okay, WTF? Now some may think my responses to Drunk Man were rude, but I can’t be responsible for what flies out of my mouth when you wake me up! I swear, I have not had a normal RSVP for this party yet. It’s getting a little scary.


TereLiz said...

You poor dear! (I am laughing at your wake-up call, but still, poor dear. :) )

I've been wondering who the Secret Agent this time around is, too. And they are sure taking their sweet time about it, grumble, grumble. Did I say that? I swear, I'm not responsible for things that come out of my mouth so close to lunchtime, lol!

Good luck with your querying, Karen!

Karen Denise said...

Thanks Tereliz! Did you enter this round of SA? I wish I had my new ms ready so I could start querying that.