Sunday, March 1, 2009

Starting the Query Submissions Again!

Well, I'm just about to start my...well, I guess this would be my second attempt to query this manuscript. Right now I'm sending out to agents who only want query letters and no sample chapters. As I look through the websites and query submission guide lines (even though I've thoroughly checked all of these before when I compiled the list) I'm finding things that annoy me about some of the agent bios.

Now, agents blog quite a bit and I've seen a common complaint from those who blog about people sending them genres they don't represent. While most agents state clearly what they want or rather what they do not rep (such as screneplays, poetry, picture books etc.) there are quite of few of them who list things we, as aspiring writers, do not need to know.

I'm not really interested that the agent has lived in Maine most of his life with his chocolate lab. Some agent bios go on and on about them liking wine tasting and traveling, but have NOTHING in the bio about the type of manuscript the agent is looking for. Truthfully, it's not helpful to know that the agent likes wine and has been to Spain.

I'm ranting and probably won't make any agent friends with my complaints--sorry, not trying to be a jerk. My point...if agents want to make sure they aren't bombarded with useless queries then they shouldn't waste space on the bio section telling writers about their dog and how they've developed a love for needle point. Sure, give us the credentals and resume type stuff, but if you're going to squeeze in some info that has nothing to do with your agenting abilities, please--for the love of God--put in what you want to represent!

On the flip side of this...there are some agents who spell out very clearly what they want and STILL get crazy submissions. Well, there is nothing to be done about that, sadly. So my point, tell us all you want about your travel and your pets, but also tell us what you want to see and more importantly, what you don't want to see.

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