Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Pandora Bracelet

Back in August I celebrated a birthday. A friend of mine gave me a Pandora bracelet. If you aren’t familiar with Pandora, check out their website if you are a fan of charm bracelets. Most of the women I work with have them and I’d decided that I didn’t want/need one. But now that I have one—which I truly appreciate—I’m happy about it, but I’m having the hardest time finding charms that resonate with me. That is the purpose of a charm bracelet, isn’t is?

While I was on vacation the cruise ship had a sale on charms. The best one I found was an owl to represent my love of Harry Potter-lol. So I began to wonder if I’m having such trouble finding something that speaks to me—as I watched other women snatch up charms like they were platinum M&Ms—because I’m not passionate about things.

I don’t have a favorite song, book, movie, or color. I love too many to narrow it down. Favorite songs change with my mood. Favorite books and movies change with the genre and favorite color changes based on what it is. I think I look nice in red, pale blues and pink, but I wouldn’t decorate my house in those colors. My mother, on the other hand, loves yellow. She likes to wear it, have her appliances in that color and paint her walls that color.

These are the things I’d love to have on my Pandora bracelet if I could…some I think I can pull off, but others might prove to be tricky.

A computer

A Book


A quill or some other writing instrument

The Big Bang Theory

Pride & Prejudice

The Walking Dead

So tell me, I can take it. I’m not normal. I know. What would that bracelet look like? A computer, a book, a music note, a quill, an atom, a petticoat and a zombie. Yeah, disturbing.


Jai Joshi said...

I'd probably have the same problem, Karen. I have trouble picking favourites or finding things to symbolise "me". It's not normal to me but I guess it makes me not normal!


Karen Denise said...

LOL. Well, we can be not normal together, Jai!

Tamara said...

haha. I love this. It's so cool to keep discovering more and more about you. We seem to have an inordinate amount of things in common.

If I had a charm bracelet, I'd have the same problem. I don't think it's a problem of not being passionate though. Maybe we are too passionate about the things we truly love, so other stuff just doesn't measure up, you know?

Anyway, I don't have a fave color/song/or book either. Although, I'd have to say Harry Potter is my favorite series. And I LOVE Walking Dead!!

I would also love a quill or a keyboard on a charm bracelet!! If you ever find one, let me know and I'll get one too so we can be twins. haha

Tamara said...

Hi Kar,

Just stopping by to say that I awarded you the Liebster award on my blog. You can pick it up whenever you want. Or not. haha. It's up to you. :)

Tamara said...

Oops. Sorry for not leaving this on your latest post. Hopefully you still get it. I guess I'll just email you too. :)

Epin Accessories said...
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Anonymous said...

They have a book bead. it say study on the back, but it is a pile with 3 books and it has an owl on top. I got it to represent my love of Harry Potter and books.
you can get soething to represent people you love as well. i got an elephant because it is my mother's favorite animal. i got the dino/dragon because i was born in the year of the dragon (in germany they say it is a dragon, in the USA and england i guess the say it is a dinossaur, it is retired now), i got a suitcase and an airplane because i love to travel, my husband gave me a cat bead because we have cats and a dog bead as a promise we will have a dg as well someday when we have our own house...
there are so many possibilities it really is endless. but the things yu want to represent are indeed tricky...


Abalorios de Pandora said...

Very beautiful bracelet. Very well chosen all the charms.