Friday, January 6, 2012

Be My Nook Friend...

I can't believe I've become one of those know, the electronic book people. I was determinded never get one as I love my paper books so much. But, I got a Nook for Christmas...and I think I love it. Please don't tell my books. I haven't broken it to them yet.

Now I'm looking for Nook Friends to share books with. Every year it's my goal to read 100 books. I know this may seem like small potatoes for some people who read/skim books with the spead of light, but it takes me time to read, especially when I'm really enjoying a novel. I know I'm backward. Still, for the past few years I've fallen short of my 100 goal, ending at about 75. Now that I have my Nook, I hope to see what others are reading and that way I can add to my list. Maybe this time I'll meet my goal of 100 books read in 2012!

If you have a Nook and want to be my friend, send me an email, or leave your email in the comments and friend you!


Kelley York said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nook. ;) Add me!

alleviating (at) gmail (dot) com

Karen Denise said...

Yay! Thanks, Kelley. I'll send you a request soon!

Susan Kane said...

We fought against the tide, too. My husband and I both rec'd Kindles over the holidays.

Karen Denise said...

I won't tell your book, Susan, if you don't tell mine :-/ lol.

Tere Kirkland said...

For some reason I didn't know you could friend other nook users! Add me, add me! I'll email you if I remember to this week, too!

Larry Hotter said...

rosepddle from fanfiction?
I read your HP stories and LOVED them!!!
Realizing that you had quit, I tried to give you my regards through the blog link on your FF profile.
To my horror, you hadn't updated since 2009.

I actually thought the worst, so I googled you and found this! :)

Good to know you are alive and kicking! :)

Just came to thank you for some extraordinary stories with Bonded and 4 days universe.


Karen Denise said...

Tere, I need to send you an email request like yesterday-lol.

Wow, Larry! I haven't thought about FF for a long time! I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories and the Bonded world. Thank you!

msdoma87 said...

hello my name is doma add me e mail is

Jai Joshi said...

I haven't got one yet but I'd love one. It's the sheer freedom of it that excites me.

Have fun with yours!


Michele said...

I am looking for a few nook friends as well. You may add me.