Friday, July 1, 2011

So I was watching Dr. Phil Today…

…And something on the show made me scream! The episode—which was a repeat—was about feuding mothers and daughters. This one woman told the story of how she was stalked by a serial killer. He’d murdered 37 women and she was next, but fortunately, he got caught before he killed her. As horrifying as this was, it was not what made me scream.

The daughter wrote her mother’s story and shopped it around. She found a publisher, but the deal fell through because the mother threatened to sue, accusing the daughter stealing the story. Thus ended the book deal. The daughter said they had the potential of making $3 million.

So, Dr. Phil says, “Your publisher is here.”

They turn the camera to a woman sitting in the audience. She introduces herself, and Dr Phil says, “And what publishing house do you work for?”

“Publish America.”


Oh, you poor, misguided, delusional family. You think you’re feuding now? Wait until you owe more money then you make.

But this was my favorite part. Dr. Phil asked the lady from Publish America how many $3 million checks they’d written in the past.
Her answer: “I can say with some certainty, none.”

Damn right you haven’t! This family has no idea what a big ass bullet they just dodged! I wish someone would’ve walked away from the fight and simply typed, “Publish America” into Google. I mean, there is an entire thread dedicated to PA on Absolute Write, Water Cooler.

So, is it weird that I was more freaked out about their book deal being with Publish America than I was about the serial killer? To be honest, the mother was more upset about the book deal than the serial killer.

I don’t even have a question to ask you all. I just found this entire episode completely bizarre.


Shelley Sly said...

I would scream right along with you! Just the mentioning of "Publish America" makes me rage.

Cherie Reich said...

Oh, wow! Yeah, I'd be much more worried about Publish America than a serial killer. I've watched our local Sunday morning newscast talk to some local authors, and I always do a "headsmack" when I hear that the author published with Published America and seems happy they did. The horror...the horror!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

OMG - that is hilarious!! I would have flipped out if i'd been watching that!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Wow ... just wow. I need to watch more daytime TV!


Tere Kirkland said...

ROFL! Thanks for sharing this story. Someone needs to do an expose on vanity presses like Pub Amer. There's no need to go through any kind of pay to pub house these days, not with Amazon and Barnes and Noble's self pub contracts.