Friday, September 24, 2010

I’m Not Writing

My laziness during the past week has been astounding. I can barely pull myself off the sofa least of all sit at my computer and string together two sentences. Wait, I just did that, didn’t I? Nevertheless, I’ve been struck by a paralyzing bug and it’s called Laziness. Perhaps I suffer from seasonal depression. Perhaps I just don’t feel like writing.

But I’m starting to feel guilty. As I walk past my laptop and don’t even bother to boot it up, I hear it mocking me, calling me a good for nuthin’ hack, but I just ignore it. It’s not like I don’t have things to write. I have at least five wips I can dive right into. I have a massive rewrite of Light Bringers that I’m actually excited about, but something keeps my butt on the sofa.

If I want to be a fulltime writer I can’t just sit around and waste valuable writing time, can I? Absolutely, not! Deadlines and editors won’t care if I want to watch all the season premieres of the new fall shows. They won’t care if I have miserable menstrual cramps, well, they might care, but they won’t want to hear it as a reason for missing a deadline. And even though I don’t have a deadline, editor or even an agent, it’s not at all prudent to wait until I have those things to start writing like it’s my sole source of income. So with that said I’m going to give my laziness another week and then I’m going to put a boot up my own @ss and get to work.

What do you guys do when you just don’t feel like writing? Do you worry about leaving work undone? Do you feel guilty when you don’t write?

Note: I’ve taken down the link on the sidebar to Zellie’s novel, Lightning Spliced, because it was taken off Zulu and edited for the second printing.


Tamika: said...

I experienced a dose of this during the first trimester of my pregnancy. I felt extremely guilty, but it goes away:)

Now I feel like I'm nesting with my writing! I can't get enough of my characters.

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I definitely feel guilty when I don't write. I tell myself I have too much going on, but, really, I make writing my last priority. Although I am almost always thinking about stories, and I do take lots of notes during the day here and there.

Tere Kirkland said...

Sometimes I need some downtime, we all do. Just because you're not writing doesn't mean you're being lazy!

Sometimes I need to back off and read someone else's book for a while.

When I find myself thinking about my characters and what they'd do in the situations found in the book I'm reading, I know it's time to start writing again.

Good luck getting your mojo back!

Hannah Kincade said...

If I really don't feel like it? I just won't do it. Sometimes we need a break. The thingis, don't let days/weeks/months go by before you write. I also find that if I start writing anyway I become motivated and battle the laziness.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

This was me, too. But I finally cleaned (out) the kids' playroom.

Next week I'll start my first draft.

Las Vegas Writer said...

I definitely feel guilty for not writing. Sometimes it's so overwhelming when even a day has passed and I haven't worked on my W.i.P. I get anxious and cancel plans to get back in front of the computer. It's ridiculous.

Jai Joshi said...

You can't let Laziness conquer you. At the same time, there will be moments when you do have to take a break. The mind needs it because constantly creating can be too exhausting and we need to time off.

One other essential thing to remember: Forgive yourself. This week you were lazy, but so what? Next week you're going to get back into the game and you're going to be great because you're feeling fresh and rested and revitalized.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Have that problem at the moment.. ;p am working through it!

Karen Denise said...

Thanks guys! Such good advice and it's good to know I'm not alone. I'm already getting back into the swing of things because I've just read part of a w.i.p. and it got the juices flowing! But right now, I'm going to lay on the sofa and catch up on my DVR'd programs.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

Embrace the laziness! When you get back to writing you'll be energized and inspired!!!

Joanne Fritz said...

Don't feel bad about an occasional break from writing, Karen. We're all human and we all need some time to ourselves once in a while.

I get lazy about writing sometimes, too. Recently, I've made a rule that I have to write for at least 15 minutes every day (got that from Laurie Halse Anderson) on my latest WIP before I check my email,go on facebook,read blogs or watch TV. And the funny thing? I usually end up writing for a half hour or even an hour before I even realize it. So that's one method you could consider.

Drake Sigar said...

Sometimes writers need the odd break. Their inspiration comes from life experiences, and it’s hard to get any of that when you’re chained to a desk (figuratively speaking O.o ). Even just watching television whilst munching on Cheetos counts.

Yeah, I still worry about it too.